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Going bankrupt in Atlanta is a serious and stressful situation. Admitting that it's time to file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision, but if your situation is serious, it can be one of the best possible actions for you to take. Filing bankruptcy can relieve you of the stress and sleepless nights that come from an inability to meet your obligations.

For such situations, the first thing to do is to contact Russell Hippe, a leading bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta. We will file your bankruptcy petition for you and handle all legal requirements and other formalities, to ensure the process is done correctly and that you do not face any more harassment from your creditors.

You can take advantage of the experience and services of The Law Office of Russell H. Hippe, III, one of the leading bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta. If you need to file bankruptcy, know that Russell Hippe has proven experience and complete services for those in need, whether the filing is a Chapter 7 or 13 for individuals or Chapter 7 or 11 for corporations. The Law Office of Russell H. Hippe will not only consult with you and advise on whether you should file but will prepare your petition and represent you throughout every stage of your filing, including adversarial representation within the bankruptcy if required.

Offering the proven services of the Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys, The Law Office of Russell H. Hippe, III, offers many advantages to bankruptcy clients:

  • Russell Hippe will consult with you and obtain a complete review of your obligations so that the most appropriate course of action can be determined. Bankruptcy may or may not be in your best interest. This determination will be made before we file.
  • Russell Hippe will advise on whether you should negotiate your accounts prior to a petition being filed.
  • During the consultation, Russell Hippe will study any third-party assignees and judgments and potential liens against you for evaluation in your bankruptcy case.
  • Russell Hippe will advise of the pitfalls of bankruptcy generally and the challenges of the individual chapters and the changes enacted by the Bankruptcy Reform Act.
  • Russell Hippe will carefully assess your income and the qualification parameters for Chapter 7 and ensure that your Financial Means Test certification is properly evaluated and drafted to ensure that you qualify for the bankruptcy chapter under which you will file.
  • Russell Hippe will represent you at your creditors meeting hearing and throughout your case.

The difference between hiring an inexperienced attorney and hiring a leading Atlanta bankruptcy attorney is significant. We understand how important and sensitive bankruptcy is, both financially and socially, so to work with a leading Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney with proven results, contact Russell Hippe.

Professional Atlanta Attorney Bankruptcy, Real State Divorce Child Support Services - Russell H. Hippe III
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