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Family Law requires special skill and attention. The consequences of separation and/or divorce will involve those most dear to you. Special care must be taken to ensure you are making the right decision for your family, if you are planning to separate from your spouse or to initiate a divorce. Special care must be taken when counseling to file the divorce as every family situation is different. A divorce may not be the right decision for the family, or it may be premature. If children are involved, Russell Hippe always recommends counseling as pre-condition to filing. However, some families are better off if the marriage is dissolved. There are also times when an unreasonable or misguided spouse will file against you. You may not have say in the filing, but you do have say in the outcome. And it will still be your family after the divorce is over.

If the decision has been made, or if your spouse had filed against you, you need a quality, experienced attorney in your corner. Russell H. Hippe, III is one of the leading family law attorneys in Atlanta. He has successfully won custody trials, alimony trials, property division trials, contested contempt hearings, and modification trials. Recently, in January of 2012, representing a husband and father, he defeated "Super Lawyer" Stephen Clifford in a three day custody trial in Dekalb County, securing a custody result dramatically better than was ever offered during mediation or settlement discussions. With his skill and experience, Mr. Hippe can help with a plan to make this difficult, complicated process as simple as possible, and hopefully less stressful. With Mr. Hippe on your side, you can rest easy with confidence in the best possible outcome for you and your family.

In family law matters, Russell Hippe takes care and pride in providing superior service and support. If engaged to handle your case, you can expect Mr. Hippe to offer:

  • Thoughtful counsel on the right family decision regarding whether to file divorce and precautions to take prior to a filing.
  • Prior to a divorce filing, encouraging the couple to take a realistic look at the future separate household incomes after a divorce, the expenses of two households, and the resulting practical impact on family finances, schedules, and energy, as well as the psychological impact on children and the steps to minimize this impact if a filing is inevitable.
  • If the marriage is not yet broken, and especially if children are involved, encouraging the couple to give marital counseling every last chance.
  • Once the decision to file is made, Mr. Hippe will protect you and aggressively represent your interests in discovery, mediation, in settlement discussions, and at trial, if required.
  • Russell Hippe, a leading divorce attorney in Atlanta, is experienced and has handled nearly every divorce matter successfully at trial, from alimony cases, to custody cases, to property division cases, to modifications, to contempt matters, to restraining orders, representing both husbands and wives.
  • Russell Hippe is experienced and familiar with the function and operation of family court matters in the major Atlanta metropolitan counties of Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb and Gwinnett. He has also handled and been involved with family law cases in Douglas, Cherokee, Henry, Clarke and other surrounding counties.
  • Georgia family law is complicated: for an Atlanta divorce attorney to be one of the leading family law attorneys, he or she must fully understand the various aspects of family law. He must have thorough knowledge of title 19 of the O.C.G.A., of child custody, child support, alimony or spouse support guidelines, customs and rules, appellate issues, and even some aspects of criminal law, and must be able to deliver a myriad of services efficiently.
  • In certain circumstances, with a waiver by all parties, to save costs and preserve family resources, Mr. Hippe will consider serving as "child advocate" to facilitate an uncontested divorce and will, in a group setting, make a recommendations on the material terms of the divorce as the best practical outcome for the entire family and, upon execution of a mutually agreed settlement agreement, see the now uncontested matter through to resolution.

Call (404) 857-0456 for more information on a consultation with or hiring Mr. Hippe.

Professional Atlanta Attorney Bankruptcy, Real State Divorce Child Support Services - Russell H. Hippe III
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