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Mr. Hippe's standard requested trial practice rate for individuals, including all domestic cases, is $275 per hour. This is an exceptional value. He standard requested trial practice rate for coproate clients is $330 per hour. His standard requested inital retainer is $2500. Typically, Mr. Hippe does not take contingency cases. For bankruptcy cases, he ordinarily charges a flat fee which will range from $1750 for a simple Chapter 7 to $2500 for a complex Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case. In certain instances, Mr. Hippe will consider a flat fee agreement or hybrid contingency arrangement for a business trial matter if it is in the interest of the client and is commercially reasonable. Mr. Hippe has defeated lawyers who charge $500 an hour. His affordable rates represent a tremendous value to the client.


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Atlanta Attorney
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Mr. Hippe endeavors to provide the highest quality legal service, commensurate with larger firms, for...
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For many individuals, the damages associated with their dispute may not justify the expense of thousands of dollars in fees...

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